Three Fertility Journeys

Follow three Kiwi women as they navigate through the highs and lows of their very unique fertility journeys.

The women share their honest accounts of cervical cancer, endometriosis, a hysterectomy, IVF, surrogacy and adoption as part of their heartbreaking and hopeful wish to have a baby. Each author tells a raw, unfiltered and emotional story of their experiences and vulnerabilities with fertility, the struggles they’ve faced, and the effects it’s had on them, and their relationships with friends and family, and in their careers. Captured within their courageous journeys to parenthood, we hear from their partners who share their own encounters of fertility over the years, how it’s affected them, and shaped their experiences. Besides revealing accounts of their deeply personal struggles, the authors also impart their wisdom through lived experience, to the many women and men who struggle daily with fertility, and offer advice to those who might know someone battling through fertility. A must-read that sheds light on the trials and tribulations of fertility, and what it truly means to be resilient. This book is set to captivate, immerse and inform audiences, and help thousands of people feel supported and less alone in this fragile, yet fickle path to parenthood.

Melissa Hori

Melissa Hori is one of the authors of When Sex Is Not Enough. A lifelong educator, she has been a tutor, a dance teacher at her own Dance School, and a Secondary School Science teacher. She is now a Pilates and barre instructor, and an award winning workplace literacy and numeracy trainer. She received her Bachelor of Science and Post Grad Diploma in Secondary Teaching from the University of Auckland. She never thought about being a writer, but when her fertility struggles began she became frustrated at not being able to find a book that was personal, authentic and that she felt connected to. She decided this was a book that needed to be written in the hopes that it could be that resource for someone else. Melissa pulled together her two friends, who were also in the fertility battle and in May 2018 the plan was made. A South Auckland born and raised woman, she is a lover of Pilates, rescue dogs, Whittaker's chocolate, most sport, being at the beach with a good book, and being with her whānau and friends.

Stephanie Larnder

Stephanie Larnder is a born and bred South Auckland woman with a desire to help others through her own experiences. This began after completing her Business Studies where she started her career in Finance where her economic savviness allowed her to help customers achieve their financial goals before moving onto different management roles in Marketing and Sales. This has continued with fundraising activities, support groups and now with this book which she hopes will provide comfort or guidance to whoever reads it. She has a huge love for animals and as a Taurus she loves being outdoors in nature. Discovering new places and cultures has led her curiosity all over the world with extensive travel. She lives an active lifestyle, loves coffee, upcycling DIY projects and caring for the environment. Family is incredibly important to her and who she spends most of her time with. She is a huge believer that if you can be anything in this world, then be kind and hopes to encourage others to live by the same principles.

Simone Fernandes

Simone Fernandes was born and grew up in South Africa, and moved to New Zealand in 2009 with her family and partner (now husband) to start a new life. With a Bachelor of Communications (majoring in Public Relations), Simone took to a career in Marketing and specialised in copy and content writing. Struggling for many years with infertility, Simone was thrilled to co-write her first book with two friends, with the vision of helping empower and inspire others experiencing similar fertility struggles. She loves animals, going to the gym (her happy place) to weight-train, spending time with loved ones, swimming in the ocean, watching Formula 1 racing, and reading a good paperback book - Nora Roberts is one of her favourite authors. When she gets the opportunity, she loves to travel and discover new places, admiring the various architecture and the history that she learns along the way.

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